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Universal Receiver Interfaces

Universal Receiver Interfaces 


The Merlin Pro 2TM is a unique wireless receiver interface implementing Freewave advanced FSK technology.
The Merlin Pro 2TM is designed to convert any wired control panel into a wireless system, compatible with Crow 2 way wireless products.


  • Full 2 x 16 Character LCD display
  • Keypad with 4 touches pads for programming.
  • Scrolling menu
  • Simple to configure
  • Can learn up to 32 two way wireless detectors (4 detectors to each output).
  • Can learn up to 64 wireless keys devices each with 4 separate modes:
  • Toggle, Pulse 3 Sec, 1 & 2
  • Password protected access to installer mode
  • Real Time Clock with back up battery
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised – beeps every minute when detector supervision signal is missing for more than two hours
  • Beeps every minute when trouble occur (Low Battery & Tamper alarm)
  • 64 event log (FIFO)
  • Relay dry contact (Zone 8) operate on a time frame of 60 sec
  • The left button ◄ disable the buzzer when alarm occurred.
  • Mute function – disables the detector detection but report the tamper alarm continues and clears the current alarms on LCD

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