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iris Vision 

This series offers solutions to all installation types: single family houses or multi family apartment buildings, even to building complexes with one or more entrances. The multiple functional options of these series satisfy all the needs of modern intercommunication.

Creative design and perfect image rendering make “IRIS” monitor exceptional. The video entry system is equipped with integrated handset Inphone and flat screen CRT 4’’, B/W or colour TFT monitor.

  • Combines 2-way intercommunication between apartments and entrance. It offers the option of integrating memory chip for registering the last 32 visitors, and storing and displaying their images in black and white
  • On screen date and time indication • Coverage of two or more entrances; parallel connection up to 3 monitors
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment feasible at the bottom part of the monitor
  • Self-calling and visual monitoring function

Types of Wiring:
It adapts in the all types of wiring such as BUS Systems, 4+N or 7+N

220 x 220 x 55 mm (width/height/depth)

White, Grey and Anthracite
Special colors available at extra charge

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