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thira doorstation vision

Thira Vision 

The “THIRA” series Doorstartion is flexible, functional, positioned either built-in or surface mounted. Being elegant and offering security, said it is ideal for all residence types. Emphasizing the advanced technology, the quality, the aesthetic values and the close control, “THIRA” Doorstation constitutes the only appropriate selection for any installation type, horizontal or vertical and any application, plain or complex.

Great variety of designs and technical solutions

  • Perfect manufacture from high quality materials
  • Flexible modules for easy assembling to one other as well as for future expansion or replacement solutions
  • Illuminated tenant’s name plate, which can be removed without panel being disassembled
  • Option of installing multiple door communication stations (Doorstations)
  • Multiple options, such as: connection with any telephone switchboard, analoque, ISDN, BUS digital technology, controlled entrance access through code keyboard via 4-digit door release number
  • Access control system for automatic door release utilizing either key ring or card

Types of Wiring:
It adapts in the all types of wiring

White, Silver, Anthracite, Biege, Cypress Green, Champagne


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